Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning is frequently not the priority when it comes to house cleaning. However, more and more home owners are beginning to realize the benefits of steam cleaning. As such, the purchase of steam cleaners has been growing these few years. In addition, many households engage cleaning service and specifically instruct the cleaners to perform steam cleaning.

Cleaning Basin with Steam

Advantages of Steam Cleaning

Avoid Chemical

Traditionally, cleaning agent and detergent are used to removed grease and stains in the kitchen after intense cooking. This is because the stubborn grease and stains are difficult to remove by just wiping with a wet cloth. However, the use of cleaning agent potentially leaves behind harmful chemical that may contaminate food during preparation or cooking. If your skin is sensitive to chemicals, you will also notice that the skin starts to break or peel after exposure to cleaning agent. The health of children and adults who are sensitive to such chemicals can be badly affected from long term exposure. With the option of steam cleaning, you can say goodbye to the such chemical exposure. The steam clean is effective cleaning tool which can be used on many surfaces and materials. Most importantly, it uses just heat and water or steam to remove grease and stains. The high temperature steam dislodges and breaks down oil and stains without having to apply any chemical. Once the oil and stains are removed, you can easily clean the surfaces with water and cloth. The high temperature of the steam also sterilizes the surface you are cleaning. With steam cleaner, you provide a safe environment for your family to live in.

Cleaning Toilet with Steam Jet

Cheaper than Cleaning Agent in the Long Run

Steam cleaner is a one-time investment. It may cost you a few hundred dollars to purchase but it can be used for several years. Unlike cleaning agent and detergents which you have to buy every month or few weeks, steam cleaner may be a cheaper option over long run. If you intend to outsource your cleaning on budget, give us a call at .

clean grout line with steam

Removing Mold and Mildew

Steam cleaner which spray heated steam is effective in removing mold or mildew. The hot steam can kill common household bacteria and ensures a cleaner and safer home for your children and other family members. It is advisable to use the steam cleaner with a brush attach because the combination of steam pressure, high temperature and brush will produce the best result.

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