Post-Painting Cleaning Service

Post-painting cleaning service is the cleaning service that many people overlooked and failed to plan. As such, they have to clean up the place themselves because no prior cleaning arrangement was made. If painting is done for the existing house or apartment which you live in, proper planning is important so that the cleaner comes immediately after the painting work and start cleaning the place. This minimizes any delay and down time so that you can move back to the apartment or house as soon as possible.

An experience painter will be able to tell you when will he or she will be able to complete the painting job. Typically 1 to 3 days for HDB residential apartment or condominium house painting should be sufficient. With the experience of the painter, he or she will be able to let you have the expected date of completing the house painting so that you can arrange for the cleaning the next day or the day itself.

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Tips for Post-painting Cleaning

Covering the floor, floor skirting and furniture

Actually post-painting house cleaning commences even before painting work. The cleaner or home owner must make sure that the floor and furniture are covered with protective layer so that the paint won't drip or spill on them. The frequently neglected area is the skirting of the floor. Tape them up with newspaper and masking tape without covering the wall so that the painter can paint the wall without dripping or spraying paint on the floor skirting.

cleaning the house after painting

Plan ahead

Check with the painter on the date of commencement and expected date of completion. This should be fairly accurate. The cleaning should be scheduled on the next day after the the painting work is completed. You may wish to schedule the cleaning to start after lunch (around 1 o'clock) so that any delay in painting work which requires another half a day will not affect your cleaning schedule.

Ask for More Cleaners

As the cleaning only commences after lunch, the number of hours of cleaning is limited. As such, it is wise to request for a few cleaners to perform the cleaning at the same time. It may cost you a little more but will definitely save you a lot more time and allow you to move into the newly painted home earlier.

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