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Moving out cleaning service is normally requested when property owners or tenants have are moving out of the place where they stay. The owner may wish to prepare the house or apartment to be leased out and therefore need to clean it up to make it more presentable for the potential tenants. Sometimes, a coat of paint and change of some furniture may be necessary to attract tenants and obtain a better rental yield. Sometimes, it is the landlord who requires that tenant to clean up the place before the tenant moves out. With the place cleaned, it is easier for the landlord to check for any damages to furniture and structure of the house or apartment during the leasing period. Pehaps the tenant should ask the cleaning company to highlight to them if there are damages so that the tenant can perform their repair at a lower cost and return the house or apartment in a condition acceptable by the landlord. Otherwise, the landlord may forfeit part or whole of the rental deposit for the repairs. The landlord may not be as cost conscious if the repair is covered by the rental deposit. As such, it is advisable for the tenant to get the place cleaned and repaired before handing it over to the landlord.

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Importance of Outsourcing the Cleaning Task

Other than the issue with landlord on the damage, you may need to look into the logistic and details of moving out. With so many things to handle, why don't you outsource your moving out cleaning work to a reputable cleaning company? You should not be distracted by the secondary issues when moving out. Focus on the most important issue, get the new place ready and help your family settle into the new place quickly. If you are moving into a new place, it is likely that your new house or apartment will need a post-renovation cleaning while your existing place needs a moving out cleaning. Hire our professional cleaners who will take care of both. If you are moving to another leased house or apartment, it is also important to thoroughly clean the place to spot any defects or damage on the furniture or structure of the newly leased house or apartment. You need to inform the landlord about the defects and damage to avoid being penalized and risk losing your deposit at the end of the lease.

We always emphasize that you should focus on the more important aspect of moving to a new house or apartment - packing, engaging a mover for moving service, activating the electricity and water of the new place, unpacking and sorting out things in the new place, etc. - instead of the cleaning.

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Why Should You Hire Our Cleaners or Engage Our Cleaning Service?

We have experienced cleaners for moving out cleaning. They are trained to highlight damage and defects so that you can rectify them prior to returning the place to landlord or highlight them to the landlord before moving into the leased apartment or house. This service comes with just a little more fee. On the whole our cleaning services are priced competitively and affordably.

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