Ironing service or domestic ironing assistance is to provide you with part-time helper to iron your clothes and relief you from this household chore. Straightening the clothes with an iron is not an enjoyable task especially if you have plenty of clothes to iron. Whether they are business wear or your children’s school uniform, it takes away your precious time to spend with the family when it is used for ironing.

We know what brings a smile on your face. When ironing task is taken away from you so that you can come home seeing all the nicely well-pressed clothes and spend more time with family or pursuing your other interest. Don’t you love it when you can outsource the ironing task? Everyone likes when they come home and see their home neat and clean and their clothes are straight and well-ironed.

Most people find the task of ironing rather tiresome. Now there is a way you can still have your well ironed clothes without doing it. Let us take over it. We offer excellent ironing service.

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Why Choose Us for Ironing Service?

Our Company that is formed to offer ironing service and we have gone an extra mile of ensuring that our personnel are well trained and equipped with the techniques that will bring you satisfaction. We have well advanced equipment that maintain the quality of your clothes and retain the glow as well. If you prefer that we pick them up, iron the clothes at our premises and send them back to you, we can also do that.

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Most families chooses to have a domestic helper dispatched to their premises to iron their clothes. This is perhaps the most convenient. However, for more specialized ironing service, we recommend offsite ironing service ( i.e. the clothes are collected from the owner and the ironing done outside the premises of owner). Washing of clothes can also be included. The clothes are ironed differently because they are made with different materials. So each clothe will be ironed carefully with the amount of heat required for the particular material. After the clothes are well-ironed they are then neatly hanged before they are brought back to you.

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Modes of Offsite Ironing Service

Did you know there are different ironing methods? Most of the time our ironing is done so casually that we don't know that there are different ironing methods.

Here is how it’s done by professionals specializing in ironing.

First they sort the clothes. This is because different clothes require different ironing techniques as well as a specific amount of heat. This step helps one to avoid burning the clothes. It also prevents them from wear and tear. They then gather all the ironing materials required. They do this to avoid passing up and down which saves time.

They then set the iron box on an appropriate temperature depending on the type of fabric. And wait till it’s ready.

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Before they iron, they ensure that the cloth is damp. This is necessary for clothes with cotton and polyester fabrics. However if the fabric is made out of wool or lace, they spread a damp cloth over them. This is because wool and lace cannot be ironed directly.

Clothes are also turn inside out before they iron them.  This mainly because some clothes are very delicate. Turning them upside done prevents them from being burnt or damaged.

The clothes are then pressed. While at this they pay attention to the important areas such as the colour case of shirts and the sleeves.

Today there are different types of iron boxes, such as an electric steam iron, charcoal iron, electric iron, vertical steam iron, deluxe model and the traveling model. We have different types of iron boxes and will choose the most suitable box depending on the material of the cloth and that kind of effect one hopes to achieve.

Our Ironing Service

We offer domestic ironing service as well as off-site specialized ironing service. For domestic ironing service, you can opt for a package of cleaning service at your premises with additional ironing service on-site.

For off-site ironing service, we will pick the clothes from you and use different types of ironing equipment to ensure the quality of our ironing.  For example, ironing board, iron machine, tailors ham and commercial equipment if need be.

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Benefits of Ironing Service

Ironing service come with lots of benefits. You may have trust issues but once you have tried it you never want to go back. For example, ironing service saves you lots of time. This way you get to have more time worth with your family or even outdoors. It also gives you quality. This is because the ironing is done by a professional who does it more carefully, patiently and with diligence.

Most of the time the task of ironing may be over whelming. It does not have to be any more. With the ironing service offered by us, you can sit down relax and have your clothes ironed for you at a cheap price. You can also be sure of elegance and convenience.

Most of our clients would prefer us to provide the full home cleaning service (including house cleaning, windows cleaning, carpet cleaning, toilet cleaning, etc.) rather than just ironing service alone. If your office needs cleaning service, we are also trained for it. Just call us and we will be there.

Quality and Affordable Ironing Service

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