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Home disinfection services is usually performed after a general cleaning of the house. To disinfect the house, the cleaning professional uses chemical to get rid of bacteria, germs, viruses and other micro-organisms which make you sick. The aim is to kill all as much of these undesireable living organism as possible so that people living in the house are safe.

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Home Disinfection Services versus Home Sanitization Services

Home sanitization services aim to reduce bacteria on the surfaces while home disinfection services aims to exterminate as much micro-organisms as possible, including germs and viruses.

Disinfecting Homes and Offices

Importance of Disinfecting Homes and Offices

In view of the recent SARS, H1N1 and Novel Coronavirus, more attention and emphasis is focus on office and home disinfection services. Getting into the habit of disinfecting your living and working space minimizes the risk of falling sick due to virus infection. It is a way to care for your family members and loved ones. The last thing we wish to see is our closest family members and friends suffer from the pain of virus attack and even die from it.

How Frequently Should You Disinfect Your House?

There is no fixed number because it depends greatly on your general cleanliness of the place, the habit of the person living in the house and the number of people staying in the house. Generally, engaging a cleaning company to perform home disinfection services once a month should be a good practice. For some homes where there is a higher risk of virus infection, perhaps every fortnightly is better.

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How To Perform a Home Disinfection Work Yourself?

In order to perform home disfection yourself, you will need disinfectant solution. You can buy it off-the-shelf or prepare it yourself. Here is the guide to preparing disinfectant solution yourself. Thereafter, spray the solution on surfaces and let it settle for a while before wiping it off. For home made disinfectant solution, you may need to let it sit for a longer time than the stronger off-the-shelf disinfectant solution. Another way to perform home disinfection is to perform steam cleaning on surfaces which can withstand high temperature. The heat would be able to get rid of viruses and other microorganisms.

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