Floor polishing service is offered by us in addition to our floor cleaning service. It is part of our holistic cleaning service to serve our clients better. We clean and polish your marble, granite, parquet, timber, tiles and any other surfaces till it shines.

Floor Shine Service

Do You Have Time to Clean and Polish Your Floor?

Our busy working life in Singapore means we have little time for cleaning and taking care of our house. Our floor may not be properly cleaned weekly. We have kids and pets that creates marks and scratches on the floor. We drop things on the floor and leave a permanent scar (especially on parquet, timber or other wooden floor). After a few years, you find your floor to be in such a damaging condition that you would like to change house. However, the sky-high property prices may not be favourable to do so. Don't worry, why don't you just polish the floor, give your place a coat of paint and change some furniture to revitalize your house. Made your house great again so that you are not shy to invite guest to your house for an event or party. Our floor polishing service will definitely impress your guests. Let us polish your floor so that your are proud to welcome your guest with gleaming floor.

Newly Varnished Floor

Why Do You Need Floor Polishing Service?

Besides impressing the guests with the polished floor, you should expect the floor to last longer with our floor polishing service. This is because the thorough cleaning and polishing of floor means your floor condition is constantly maintained at an optimal level to allow it to last for a long time.

Bringing Shine to Wooden Floor

Floor Polishing Service for Common Flooring in Singapore

Marble, granite and tiles polishing is common in Singapore. It is important to apply the right type of polishing solutions and use an effective polishing equipment to bring out the shine. Prior to polishing, it is also important to inspect for any chipped off surfaces and apply the necessary patching. After our floor polishing service, you will notice the disappearance of scratches and marks.

Similarly, when we deal with wooden flooring like parquet and timber, we remove all scratches and marks with professional grinding and varnishing services. We also allow you to decide if you would like your wooden flooring to have a matt or gloss finish.

Smoothening Wooden Floor

Why Should You Use Our Floor Polishing Service?

We are one of the leading cleaning and floor polishing service company in Singapore. We provide wide range of floor polishing services for all types of flooring. Most importantly it is affordable. All our cleaning services are priced competitively. Besides floor polishing service, we also provide the following cleaning services:

  1. House Cleaning Service
  2. Office Cleaning Service
  3. Windows Cleaning Service
  4. After Renovation Cleaning Service
  5. Carpet Cleaning Service
  6. Toilet Cleaning Service
  7. Ironing Service

Floor Polishing Service At Competitive Rates

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