Choosing Vacuum Cleaner

Our experience and comments when handling different types of vacuum.

Vacuum cleaner is an equipment which most households have. We use it frequently to keep our house clean. This is especially important to people living in Singapore because our homes become dusty easily due to the constant construction and upgrading of properties around us. Many of us owns manual vacuum cleaner but some of us already automate this cleaning process by using robotic vacuum cleaner. Today we are going to comment on manual vacuum cleaner, particularly on the 3 major types - with bag, without bag and water system.

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Vacuum cleaner with Bag

Vacuum cleaner with bag is probably one with the longer history. When we were young, this may be the only type of vacuum cleaner available. The bagged vacuum cleaner collect dirt and dust using a paper or fabric filter bag. This bag traps the dirt and dust but allows air to pass through. When the bag is full, you just have to remove it and then insert a new bag to replace it.

conventional vacuum cleaners using bag

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner without bag is introduce later. It work in the same way as those vacuum cleaner with bag. However, it now does away with the bag. It has a permanent container that traps and collect the dirt and dust. The advantage of bagless vacuum cleaner is the suction power. Without a bag to interfere with airflow, you can get better suction power from a bagless vacuum cleaner. Though this is the advantage, there is a tendency to empty the container more frequently which is not a pleasant thing.

When using a vacuum cleaner with bag, we tend to change the bag when the suction power is weak. The frequency of clearing the dirt and dust is lower. That means it is more pleasant to use. However, you will have to constantly monitor if the bag is full especially when the cleaner does not come with an indicator to notify the change of bag.

Let's move on to another type of vacuum - water filtration system - which is introduced more recently.

Bagless vacuum cleaner container

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner

Most homeowners are familiar with bag and bagless vacuum cleaners, but did you know that some vacuums rely on water to filter dirt and dust and hold debris? Water filtration vacuum cleaners (WFVC) uses water to pick up dirt and dust. Unlike most bag and bagless vacuum cleaners which can only perform dry vacuuming, WFVC can perform wet and dry vacuuming. WFVC has many advantages; it can clean the house without the inconvenience of changing bags or emptying containers. As water is used as filtration, even the very tiny particles get trapped and retained in the water. With its great filtration capability, WFVC claims to be a better cleaning machine for people who suffer from dust allergies. To clear the dust and dirt from WFVC, all you have to do is to pour the water away, just like how you pour away a pail of dirty water.

However, WFVC also comes with a major disadvantage - the weight of the vacuum. With the water system, you have to drag it all over the place when you clean the house. The weight of it makes the cleaning a little more strenuous. If you need to carry the vacuum to upper levels for cleaning, it may not be a good idea to get WFVC because you will be totally exhausted after the cleaning. Imagine carrying a pail of water up and now and dragging it here and there. It is not a joke. If you think that weight is an issue, stick to bag and bagless vacuum.

vacuum cleaner uses water to filter

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