Chinese New Year Cleaning 2019

Chinese New Year cleaning can be the most taxing moment. From throwing out the old stuff to bringing in the new things. From de-cluttering the place to tidying the place. From cleaning the rooms to sanitizing the toilets and steam cleaning kitchen. It is a Chinese belief that cleaning up your home may bring you and your family more joy and wealth and it must be done prior to Chinese New Year and not in the first and second day of the Chinese New Year. Chinese thinks that any sweeping done during the first 2 days of Chinese New Year may sweep your luck away. Therefore, Chinese New Year cleaning should begin 2 to 4 weeks before the Chinese New Year date and not within the first few days of the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Cleaning Singapore

Kids to help in Chinese New Year Cleaning

Chinese New Year cleaning is an opportunity for you to get your kids to help to start the year with clean living environment at home. Getting rid of unnecessary possession, creating more living space, making sure that the place is ultra-clean when relatives and friends come to visit you. Be so proud of your clean and tidy home.

Outsource Your Chinese New Year Cleaning to Professional Cleaners

When it comes to the process of cleaning the house, most often we are very tired after the de-cluttering and tidying work.  Cleaning the place after you have de-cluttered it can be a real challenge because you have perhaps already used more than half of your energy. Have you ever thought of getting ad-hoc cleaners for your Chinese New Year cleaning or Spring cleaning? You may wish to give it a try. Perhaps, you will like it so much that, after this cleaning experience provided by the cleaning company, you may wish to get an external cleaner to clean your place on a regular basis so that you need not spend so much time and effort for a massive spring cleaning. If you are outsourcing your cleaning, you may even ask for more work to be done like steam cleaning the kitchen to ensure grease free surfaces in the kitchen, toilet scrubbing for extreme cleanliness, carpet cleaning and sanitizing, and windows cleaning which many people may not even bother to clean for Chinese New Year. You have so many more options when cleaning is outsourced to the professional Cleaners. Moreover, the cost of getting a professional cleaners can be very affordable nowadays.

Chinese New Year Cleaning by Professional Cleaners

Best Cleaning Company for Chinese New Year Cleaning

We have experienced professional cleaners who are well-trained in Chinese New Year or CNY cleaning. They can perform the cleaning tasks well without taking up too much of your time.

Besides home cleaning for Chinese New Year, have you thought of cleaning your office for Chinese New Year. If you are the boss, office cleaning may bring you good luck and better staff morale in 2019. Give it a thought and contact us for CNY cleaning.

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