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Carpet cleaning is something you need to face after you have bought your beautiful carpets. Carpets add a decorative feature to the house and make it warm. Everyone loves a warm house. But have you ever tried cleaning a carpet? How long does it take to clean the carpet and how do you feel after the work? Do you enjoy cleaning the carpet yourself? Will you be glad if you can have as many carpets as you like because someone else will clean them for you? Ever heard of carpet cleaning service?

Today, we offer specialized carpet cleaning service. Our cleaning service is uniquely special because we go an extra mile of ensuring that our cleaners are properly trained. This is so to ensure that carpet cleaning service offered to our clients is of great quality and the customer is satisfied. Moreover, such cleaning service is offered at an affordable price.

Removing Stain from Carpet Service

Tools for Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning service uses various tools that deliver amazing results. Such tools include; brush pro, upholstery, air movers, sprayers, carpet cleaning wands, rotary machines, stair tools, curtain tools, crevice tools, carpet cleaning hoses, ozone machines, detailing tools, hose reels, carpet cleaning heaters & machine valves, assorted accessories, carpet stretching tank softeners, industrial vacuums among others.

Equipment for Carpet Cleaning

We offer different forms of carpet cleaning service depending on the type of carpet you have and how well you want it cleaned. The service includes pre-spotting and stain removal. This is done to remove stains of things that may have spilled on the carpet. Pre-conditioning and pre-grooming may be necessary. Conditioning helps to loosen the dirt attaches to the carpet and grooming ensures that the carpet is properly moist and has a good fragrance. We also offer deep carpet cleaning (using environment-friendly substances), water removal from carpet and odor removal from carpet.

Good Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Different types of carpets need different ways of cleaning. Such cleaning service includes:

  1. Hot water extraction - this involves the spraying of carpet with hot water with added chemicals. This allows the dirt to dissolve in the water which is later extracted through vacuuming. This is a very effective method of cleaning because it ensures a deep cleaning of the carpet. The best part is that the hot water cleaning machine is portable so no matter which part of Singapore you are staying, we will get to you.
  2. Dry carpet cleaning - this relies mainly on specialized machine which uses very low moisture complimented by other cleaning solutions. This is an effective way of cleaning because it does not require lots of water. It is also fast and leaves your carpet dry.
  3. Household or normal cleaning process - this is mainly the used of vacuum cleaners to suck dirt and dust from the carpet. This system is advantageous mainly because it does not require much work and is fast and affordable compared to the other methods. However, it does not remove deep dust & stain and does not provide proper conditioning.
Goodness of Carpet Cleaning

Benefits of Cleaning the Carpet

The benefits of carpet cleaning service is:

  • Complete bacteria and dirt removal - the normal vacuum cleaning may at times fail to remove the unwanted dirt that accumulate in your carpet with time. Thanks to our deep carpet cleaning service, bacteria and dirt do not get the chance to accumulate in your carpet.
  • Removal of carpet stains - carpet stains can be difficult to remove even with vacuum cleaning. With professional carpet cleaning services, such stains are no match.
  • Complete removal of residue - some traditional carpet cleaning methods are uneven therefore leave behind traces of soap that attract more dirt. our carpet cleaning uses an improved technique that leaves no residue.
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Why Us When You Need Rug and Carpet Cleaning Service?

Our carpet cleaning service is definitely a class above the rest and most importantly pocket friendly. So if you are stressing about getting your carpet cleaned, worry no more. We are here at your service.

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